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NUMS Jobs 2023 has Announced The latest Jobs Opportunity in Rawalpindi, Punjab In Pakistan which is Posted on, More details & Apply

NUMS Jobs 2023 Introduction

The National university of medical sciences (NUMS) has recently Announced job Opportunities in Rawalpindi as a Federal Public Sector University (NUMS) plays a vital role in promoting and achieving excellence in advanced health education—research and service delivery, with its campuses in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. NUMS aims to provide quality education and conduct cutting-edge research in various disciplines. This article will explore The NUMS jobs Announcement and shed light on The significance of NUMS in The healthcare sector.

The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) has Announced job openings 2023 in Rawalpindi. NUMS is a Federal Public Sector University that aims to promote and achieve excellence in advanced health education, Research and service delivery. Rawalpindi campus is home to the NUMS Institute of Advanced Studies & Research (NIASR). which focuses on conducting cutting-edge research and evidence-based teaching in various disciplines, including basic. Applied and clinical fields, As well as social and behavioral sciences. Additionally, the NUMS Islamabad Campus, Spanning over 1000 acres. Is establishing a Medical City with a 4000-bed healthcare facility. The university will offer diverse programs across all fields of knowledge, with a particular emphasis on biological and medical sciences.

Overview of NUMS

NUMS is a renowned institution, Dedicated to advancing health education and research in Pakistan. Its main objective is to ensure The importance of social and Behavioural sciences in medical and biological sciences. By providing a conducive learning environment and State of the Art facilities, NUMS prepares students for successful Careers in healthcare.

NUMS Jobs Announcement

The recent announcement by NUMS regarding job vacancies opens up exciting opportunities for individuals seeking employment in The medical field. These jobs offer competitive salaries, Growth prospects, and a chance to contribute to advancing healthcare in Pakistan.

Details of NUMS Jobs 2023 National University of Medical Sciences

Date Advertisement  05-15-2023
Category Govt Jobs
Sources Jobs Jang-Newspaper
Qualifications Graduation, Matric, Literate
Organization National University of Medical Sciences
Location Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
Age Limit ————
Last Date 05-31-2023

NUMS Jobs 2023 Vacancies Name

Here is a list of job positions available at NUMS:

  1. Assistant Director – Digital Marketing & Media
  2. Assistant Manager
  3. Assistant Manager – Android Development
  4. Assistant Manager – Python Development
  5. Assistant Professor – Psychology
  6. Consultant/Expert – Quality Assurance
  7. Demonstrator – Oral Pathology
  8. Deputy Director – Design & Infrastructure
  9. Deputy Director – Inspections
  10. Laboratory Technician
  11. Lecturer – Clinical Psychology
  12. Lecturer – Psychology
  13. Manager Software Development
  14. Office Assistant/Sub Office Assistant
  15. Photographer
  16. Project Manager – PMU
  17. Quantity Surveyor – PMU

NUMS Jobs 2023 Advertisement 2023

NUMS Jobs 2023

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Rawalpindi Campus

The Rawalpindi campus of NUMS is home to the (NUMS) Institute of advanced studies and research (NIASR). The institute is dedicated to conducting Cutting-edge research and Evidence-based teaching in basic and Clinical disciplines. With a focus on social and behavioural sciences, The Rawalpindi campus serves as a centre of Higher education.

NUMS Institute of Advanced Studies & Research

The (NUMS) Institute of Advanced Studies & Research (NIASR) plays a crucial role in furthering The understanding and Application of Medical and Health sciences. Through its research initiatives, NIASR contributes to The development of innovative healthcare solutions and Fosters a culture of Evidence-based practice.

NUMS Islamabad Campus

Spread over 1000 acres, the NUMS Islamabad campus is set to become a medical city with a 4000-bed Healthcare facility. This campus will offer diverse programs in various disciplines, With a particular emphasis on biological and Medical sciences. It will serve as a centre for Comprehensive education and Research, Catering to the needs of aspiring healthcare professionals.

Medical City

The establishment of a medical city within the NUMS Islamabad Campus is a significant step towards providing comprehensive healthcare services. With state-of-the-art facilities and a large bed capacity, The medical city will Contribute to The well-being of The community and Provide practical training Opportunities for NUMS students.

Programs Offered

NUMS offers a wide range of programs in different disciplines of knowledge. From undergraduate to postgraduate degrees. The university provides comprehensive education that equips students with The necessary skills and Knowledge for a successful Career in The Healthcare sector.

Excellence in Health Education

One of NUMS’ core objectives is to achieve excellence in health education. The university adopts modern teaching Methodologies, Incorporates practical training, and Encourages critical thinking among students. By focusing on holistic learning. NUMS ensures that graduates are well-prepared to meet The challenges of The healthcare industry.

Research Initiatives

NUMS is committed to promoting research and innovation in The medical field. Through its research initiatives, The university contributes to scientific discoveries. Advancements in medical technology, and Improved patient care. NUMS encourages faculty members and Students to engage in research activities and Provides them with The necessary resources and Support to carry out their investigations.

Service Delivery

Service delivery is a crucial aspect of NUMS mission. The university aims to bridge The gap between academia and Practical application by actively participating in healthcare service delivery. Through collaborations with hospitals, Clinics and Other healthcare institutions, NUMS ensures that its students gain valuable hands-on experience and Contribute to The well-being of The community.

Importance of NUMS Jobs

The job opportunities announced by NUMS are of great importance for individuals aspiring to work in the medical field. The universitys reputation for excellence and its commitment to advancing healthcare make these jobs highly desirable. Working at NUMS not only offers competitive remuneration But also provides individuals with a Chance to be part of an institution dedicated to making a positive Impact on society.

How to Apply for NUMS Jobs

Applying for NUMS jobs is a straightforward process. Interested candidates can visit the official NUMS website or the designated job portal to find detailed information about the available positions, Eligibility criteria and Application procedure. It is important to carefully review The requirements and Submit all the Necessary documents within The specified deadlines.

  1. Applicants who are interested in applying for NUMS Jobs in Rawalpindi can conveniently Submit their applications online through the NUMS Job Portal available at
  2. NUMS ensures equal opportunities for all candidates and is an Employer that values diversity and Inclusivity.
  3. It is crucial to provide complete and Accurate information in The application, As incomplete applications will not be considered and Will be rejected.
  4. For more information and Comprehensive details about The job openings, please visit The official Website at
  5. The deadline for online applications for NUMS Jobs in Rawalpindi is The 31st of May 2023.


The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Plays a vital role in advancing health education, Research and Service delivery in Pakistan. With its Rawalpindi and Islamabad campuses. NUMS provides students with quality education and Conducts cutting-edge research in various disciplines. The recent job announcement by NUMS offers exciting opportunities for individuals to contribute to The healthcare sector and Be part of an institution dedicated to excellence and Innovation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are the NUMS jobs open to international candidates?
A: Yes, NUMS welcomes applications from both national and International candidates, Provided they meet The eligibility criteria.

Q: What are the growth prospects for employees working at NUMS?
A: NUMS provides employees with ample growth Opportunities through professional development programs, Training and research collaborations.

Q: Can I apply for multiple job positions at NUMS simultaneously?
A: Yes, You can apply for multiple positions, But make sure you meet The specific requirements for each position You apply for.

Q: Is there an age limit for applying to NUMS jobs?
A: The age limit varies depending on The job position and The nature of the employment. Please refer to the Job advertisement for specific age requirements.

Q: What is the selection process for NUMS jobs?
A: The selection process typically involves initial screening, Written tests, Interviews and final evaluations. The specific process may vary for different job positions.

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