Nestle Jobs Today 2024 S&E Engineer

Nestle Jobs Today 2024 S&E Engineer has rеcеntly Announcеd nеw еmploymеnt Opportunitiеs in Kabirwala Factory, Pakistan. Thе job vacanciеs wеrе postеd on January 28, 2024.

Nestle Jobs Today 2024 S&E Engineer Job Description

Help and guide the management team in the factorys different departments about Safety and Environment (S&E). This includes making sure we follow all the rules for the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and managing Solid Waste Operations. We want to do all of this in a way that fits with Nestlés Continuous Excellence (NCE) idea, which aims for zero accidents and incidents.

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Details of Nestle Jobs Today 2024 S&E Engineer

Date 28-01-2024
Category Govt Jobs
News Sources
Qualifications Bachelors/ Masters degree in Environmental Engineering
Organization Nestle
Location Kabirwala Factory, Pakistan
Age Limit ————
Last Date

Nestle Jobs Today 2024 S&E Engineer Of Vacancies

A Safety and Environment (S&E) Engineer’s typical day involves:

  1. Coordinating Programs: Making sure the factory follows the Safety and Environment strategy. Giving suggestions for S&E goals that match both market needs and the company’s overall goals.
  2. Following Company Rules: Checking that everyone in the factory sticks to the company’s principles and policies about Safety and Environment. Also, making sure the factory complies with all legal requirements related to S&E.
  3. Building Connections: creating and keeping up relationships with local networks, including authorities and other factories. also, ensuring compliance with Nestle Environmental Requirements (NERs).
  4. Certifications: Helping the factory get and keep certifications like ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, which show the factory meets international standards for environmental management and occupational health and safety.
  5. Sustainable Development: Assisting the factory’s management in making sure the factory grows in a way that’s good for the environment, meeting legal requirements for wastewater discharge, and handling solid waste correctly.
  6. Training and Support: Training and supporting the Plant Manager, Plant Management team, Line Managers, contractors, and visitors to meet the Safety and Environment goals.
  7. Compliance Checks: Making sure the factory follows all legal requirements for safety, health, and the environment. This includes technical inspections, certifications, equipment safety, Nestles rules and creating plans for needed training.
  8. Risk Management: Identifying and assessing risks related to Safety and Environment. Leading a team to plan for emergencies and minimize risks.
  9. Incident Investigations: Investigating any Safety and Environment incidents and suggesting ways to prevent them from happening again.
  10. Reporting: Sharing monthly safety and Environment key performance Indicators (KPIs) and Other info as needed by engineering/ S&E officers or company. This includes surveys, Programs and statistics related to safety and Environment.

Nestle Jobs Today 2024 S&E Engineer Proof Rеfеrеncе 2024

Nestle Jobs Today

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Prime Jobs: Nestle Jobs Today 2024 S&E Engineer

Here are things that will help you be successful:

  1. Leading Yourself and the Team: Being able to guide and improve yourself and the team you work with.
  2. Positive Attitude: Having a good attitude towards your work and being friendly with others.
  3. Leadership in Projects: Showing that you can lead by taking charge of a project in a factory setting.
  4. Handling Issues Positively: Showing leadership by dealing with problems in a positive way, like addressing inappropriate behavior and coaching the team every day to make sure everyone is involved.
  5. Knowing S&E Rules: Being an expert in the rules and regulations about Safety and Environment (S&E).
  6. Caring for People and the Environment: Having a strong interest in keeping people safe and making sure we take care of the environment.

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Kabirwala, PK, 58150

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