Harris Rauf wins three rounds of Pakistan…

Harris Rauf wins three rounds of the Pakistan Square Series to wrap up a thriller, In a wild and crazy game at Karachi’s National Stadium, Pakistan scored three runs to beat England and level the series at 2-2. In a match that had so many ups and downs that the three-hour contest felt epic, England finally bounced back suddenly, playing in a seemingly impregnable position. Chasing 167, the visitors were just one shot away from winning with his 3 wickets in hand, but Harris her Rauch broke the bottom row and left a heartbroken England stranded against the odds.

Harris Rauf wins three rounds

Pakistan, who started first, got off to an impressive start with a 97-run opening tally but were crushed by midfield and to the death, losing much of the momentum they had built. The elimination looked even better in hindsight as it put the struggling Shan Massoud in the crease and Moen Ali’s side regained momentum. At the end of 20 overs, Pakistan looked heavily outnumbered after weighing their bowling offence to defend a mediocre crowd against the world’s most explosive batting array.

However, the hosts refused to give up and early on it wasn’t as easy as it first seemed as he scored three goals. England, however, soon showed the difference between his two teams’ approach to building the T20 innings, determined to keep Harry Brooke and Benduckett charging the bowlers and not fall well short of the required quota. Moen continued in the same vein he went on 20 balls and 29 and for a while, it looked like the tension was over and England was back on track.

But the hosts refused to give up, and three early wickets prevented this from being the bed of roses it seemed to be before. England, however, soon showed the difference between his two teams’ approach to building the T20 innings, determined to keep Harry Brooke and Benduckett charging the bowlers and not fall well short of the required quota. Moen continued in the same vein he went on 20 balls and 29 and for a while, it looked like the tension was over and England was back on track.

Harris Rauf wins three rounds of the Pakistan Square Series to wrap up a thriller
Harris Rauf wins three rounds of the Pakistan Square Series to wrap up a thriller

Haris Rauf wins three rounds

However, regular drop-in wickets kept Pakistan hunting until a devastating clutch hit by Dawson in the 18th over sent the pendulum swinging fully towards England. However, after cracking 4 and 6 of 5 of 8 legal deliveries, a loose shot from Dawson found a mid-wicket hand and Rauff sent debutant Olly Stone to hit the first ball back. rice field. With one wicket to go, England lost their composure and headed off for a suicide single, desperate to give Adil Rashid a strike. Shan Massoud hit the wood and Pakistan hit gold.

self-imposed pressure

With Babar and Mohammad Rizwan laying the platform, we can expect Pakistan to play with such regularity that they reached a decent position after his eight overs. As happened all too often, a struggle in the middle over reappeared for Pakistan as it headed for a poorly performing total. England’s bowling resource use and execution were wise enough, but the decline in the strength of the hosts was undeniable. Massoud could not come close to the smoothness that graced T20I in the third, limping to 19-ball 21 with larger hitters waiting their turn at the dig.

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After the power play, Rizwan’s pace dropped a few notches. After running to 38 for 26 balls after six overs, he took 40 balls and added the next 50 balls. From 9 starts to 20 dismissals, Pakistan had only 3 hits for 4 and 1 for 6. Asif was unclear about what Ali did with it, especially since two of the three balls he encountered went over the horns of a cow into giant sixes. Pakistan appears to have again made his basic T20 mistake of overestimating wickets and underestimating runs.

After being down 14-3 against Pakistan’s bowling attack, few teams could have been more confident after the game. You’ll either hunt down that amount or die in the flames of glory, unlike in the previous match when Pakistan hit his 20 overs and limped badly.

The first ball after the third wicket, Duckett gave Mohammad He beat Wasim with his four and by the end of the fifth he pulled away from the same bowlers and he scored three straights He smashed at the boundary. I was. By the end of the power play, England had conceded 50 goals, just two of Pakistan’s total managed, but England had failed to take a single wicket for Pakistan in that period. It was emblematic of the way England played, and perhaps an example of why this team succeeded despite a painful defeat. Harris Rauf wins three rounds of the Pakistan

Is a foreigner, hailed as the sexy fast bowler that Pakistan wants to believe in, reigning supremacy? That was too much for Mohammad Hasnain. Hasnain is arguably the fastest bowler currently in Pakistan’s possession, but oddly enough, he is also the least-loved bowler. Shaheen Afridi, of course, is in a league of his own, but Naseem Shah has the precocious talent to captivate and the personal story that makes it compelling.

Leaving Hasnain in a bit of a colder place, mainly due to its action issues and its tendency to be expensive. Today, however, Hasnain had to defend a low target and threw the first two overs in carefree abandon. He followed Alex Hales and beat him on pace. He played with Duckett. He came back past the 16th and pulled away from almost six straight Yorkers. 3-0-16-2. Is it his day?

He was brought back with 18 overs to end the game, with Pakistan well into England’s tail with 134 for 7, with Dawson struggling with a Rambo seven. But with the margin going in Hasnain’s direction at three overs, they left Hasnain dry when it mattered here. Yorker turned to full throws and half volleys, previously staying just inside the popping crease, but this time he outperformed. The 22 came from his four legal balls in his first and suddenly England only needed 10 from his 14.

Hasnain may have played a big role in bringing Pakistan to the brink of collapse, but suddenly he came here and figured it all out for himself. Lucky for the raucous Karachi crowd, Rauch wasn’t ready to do the same.

A fielder charged from the centre threw himself off his feet and hit his forearm against a stump. The Zing Bales lit up miles in front of Reese Topley’s ground, and a roar drowned out the packed National Stadium in Karachi.

Thousands flooded in from the exit as England needed his run of 12 balls in his ninth inning, but when Pakistan squared him through the series ahead of his final three games in Lahore. , rushed back to catch a glimpse of the celebration. The stadium announcer identified the outfielder as Shanhe Masood, again resulting in loud cheers from the stands.

What difference does 20 overs make? With 10 balls remaining in the first innings, Masood suffered the ultimate disgrace of T20 cricket when he was pinned to the pad by David Willey for a difficult 21 of 19 balls: his own fans. celebrated his dismissal.

Harris Rauf wins three rounds of the Pakistan

Pakistan spent the night preparing for the launch, but despite the best efforts of Masood and Mohammad Rizwan, both of them deliberately playing with little strength and timing, could not leave the launch pad. Alex Hale’s nasty catch attempt when Masood had 7 to 3 benefited England.

The atmosphere in Pakistan’s closing innings was almost defiant and for good reason. Every wicket represented an opportunity for mid-level power hitters to come in and swing, and the loudest crowd of the series so far felt temporarily altered by the gathering. For some reason, Asif Ali was only given three balls. He responded by hitting two of them for six.

It’s been just three nights since Rizwan and Babar Azam cornered a wild Panther-like 200-run target. But on Sunday his total contribution of 124 out of 95 balls meant that familiar questions about their approach had resurfaced, however grim it seemed.

The English pursuit was in stark contrast. They lost his three wickets in the first two overs, which was enough to ruin most of the team, but Ben He said that Duckett, Harry Brooke and Moen could never see the rate demanded to get out of hand. We fought back to make sure.

It was a night that raised a fundamental question in T20 cricket: What is a wicket worth? It was too cheap. Both countries have seen significant inflation this year, but wicket prices are more volatile than any other currency.

The series pitted teams of contrasting styles against each other. Pakistan’s top order sees the 20 overs as a test of endurance and prides itself on getting as close to the finish line as possible. The England slugger is like his runners in the relay, each reaching top speed as quickly as possible before passing the baton to his teammate.

In their four games at Karachi, England scored 9.44 points per over and lost one wicket for every 21.5 balls. The figures for Pakistan are 8.61 and 25.1 respectively. England is a strong-hitting team with a vulnerable bowling offence. Pakistan is a strong bowling team, but their batting surface is weak.

Of course, both teams’ game plans are determined by the available players. “We hit it incredibly hard,” said England manager Matthew Mott. They did it perfectly when they were chasing the 200. There are many different ways to do this.

Sports are at their best when teams have distinct identities, especially when they clash like this. Think Pep Guardiola’s long-running rivalry with Jose Mourinho, idealism versus pragmatism, or Roger Federer’s grace versus Rafael Nadal’s tenacity. Any game would be boring if everyone played the same.

His T20 cricket for 2022 is a sport of order, planning and strategy. Captains and trainers detail the meticulous preparation and underlying research. Players have access to video footage of each opponent, and analysis isn’t just part of the game, it’s an industry in itself. Haris Rauf wins three rounds of the Pakistan

But that Sunday night, when Massoud got up off the ground, bullied by his teammates, and the crowd’s celebration rang in his ears, he was able to think about the truth that underpinned the drama. , like any other form, is at its best when plunged into pure, unadulterated mayhem.


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