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Careers in Punjab: The Special Branch of Punjab plays critical role in maintaining public safety & supporting law enforcement operations. Recently, a significant recruitment drive was conducted to fill various positions in the technical cadre. This article provides overview of recruitment process, detailed role descriptions & lists of successful candidates for each position.

Overview of Recruitment Process

Recruitment for the technical cadre in the Special Branch of Punjab is a rigorous process designed to select best candidates. Here’s a step-by-step look at how it works:

Application Submission

Candidates start by submitting their applications online, providing necessary documents such as educational certificates, experience letters & other relevant credentials.

Initial Screening

The initial screening involves verifying authenticity of submitted documents and checking if the candidates meet the basic eligibility criteria.

Written Examination

Candidates who pass the initial screening are invited to take a written examination. This test assesses their knowledge, problem solving skills & understanding of technical requirements for roles.

Physical and Skill Tests

For certain positions, physical fitness and specific skills are crucial. candidates undergo physical tests to ensure they meet required standards. skill tests also conducted to evaluate their proficiency in necessary technical skills.

Final Interview

The final stage is an interview with a panel of experts. This interview assesses candidates’ Overall suitability for roles, including their communication skills, problem solving abilities & readiness to handle job responsibilities.

Positions in the Technical Cadre

The recruitment drive targeted several key positions, each critical to the Special Branch’s operations:

  • Assistant Supervisor EDS
  • Senior Canine Handler
  • Assistant Supervisor Canine
  • Canine Handler
  • Operator EDS
  • Operator Surveillance

Detailed Role Descriptions

Assistant Supervisor EDS


The Assistant Supervisor EDS is responsible for overseeing the Electronic Detection Systems (EDS) operations. This includes managing equipment, coordinating with the team & ensuring the efficiency of detection systems.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Candidates need a strong technical background, preferably with a degree in electronics or a related field. Experience in managing detection systems & supervisory skills are also essential.

Senior Canine Handler


The Senior Canine Handler leads the canine unit, overseeing training, deployment, and care of the dogs used in detection and law enforcement activities.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Experience in canine handling, excellent training skills, & background in animal behaviour or veterinary sciences are crucial. Leadership abilities also important.

Assistant Supervisor Canine


The Assistant Supervisor Canine supports the Senior Canine Handler by managing day-to-day operations, assisting in training, and ensuring the welfare of the dogs.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Candidates should have experience in canine handling, good organisational skills, and a background in animal care.

Canine Handler


Canine Handlers work directly with the dogs, conducting searches, and assisting in various law enforcement operations. They are responsible for training & daily care of dogs.

Required Skills and Qualifications

A background in animal care, experience in canine handling, and physical fitness are essential for this role.

Operator EDS


Operators of Electronic Detection Systems are tasked with operating and maintaining the equipment used for detecting contraband, explosives, and other illicit materials.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Technical expertise in electronics, familiarity with detection systems & attention to detail are key requirements for this position.

Operator Surveillance


Operator Surveillance personnel are responsible for monitoring surveillance equipment, analysing data, and reporting any suspicious activities.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Candidates need a strong understanding of surveillance technology, analytical skills, and the ability to remain vigilant over extended periods.

Careers in Punjab Pakistan



Recruitment Careers in Punjab Pakistan

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for these positions include:

Educational Background

Candidates must have relevant educational qualifications, such as degrees in electronics, animal behaviour or related fields.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is crucial, especially for roles involving canine handling & field operations.

Technical Skills

Technical proficiency is essential for roles like Operator EDS and Operator Surveillance, where handling complex equipment is a daily task.


Prior experience in related fields significantly enhances a candidate’s prospects.

Importance of Each Role

Each role within the technical cadre is vital for the Special Branch’s operations:

Contribution to Public Safety

These roles directly impact public safety by enhancing special branch’s ability to detect threats & respond effectively.

Supporting Law Enforcement Operations

From surveillance to detection, each position supports broader law enforcement efforts, ensuring a safer community.

Lists of Successful Candidates

Here are the lists of successful candidates for each position:

Assistant Supervisor EDS

  • Candidate A
  • Candidate B
  • Candidate C

Senior Canine Handler

  • Candidate D
  • Candidate E
  • Candidate F

Assistant Supervisor Canine

  • Candidate G
  • Candidate H
  • Candidate I

Canine Handler

  • Candidate J
  • Candidate K
  • Candidate L

Operator EDS

  • Candidate M
  • Candidate N
  • Candidate O

Operator Surveillance

  • Candidate P
  • Candidate Q
  • Candidate R

Impact of Recruitment on Special Branch

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

The addition of well-qualified personnel enhances operational efficiency of special branch, ensuring that tasks are performed with greater precision & effectiveness.

Strengthening Technical Cadre

This recruitment drive has technical cadre, providing special branch with expertise needed to tackle modern challenges.

The recent recruitment drive for technical cadre in the Special Branch of Punjab has been resounding success. the rigorous selection process ensured that only most qualified candidates were chosen, enhancing operational capabilities of special branch. With these new additions, Special branch better equipped to handle it is crucial role in public safety and law enforcement.


What is the role of the Special Branch in Punjab?

The Special Branch is responsible for intelligence gathering, surveillance & supporting law enforcement agencies in maintaining public safety.

How were the candidates selected?

Candidates were selected through a multi-stage process that included application submission, initial screening, written examinations, physical and skill tests & final interview.

Need Your qualifications for these positions?

Qualifications vary by position but generally include relevant educational backgrounds, technical skills physical fitness, & prior experience in related fields.

How does recruitment affect Public safety?

The recruitment enhances special branch’s ability to detect threats & respond effectively, Thereby improving overall public safety.

What Prospects Do Successful Candidates Have for the Future?

Successful candidates can look forward to rewarding career with opportunities for advancement within the Special Branch, contributing significantly to public safety & law enforcement.

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