BISE Rawalpindi Announcement 2022 Missed 10th Class

BISE Rawalpindi, Important News Of Students Who Missed 10th Class Practicals from BISE Rawalpindi for 2022, Important Announcement from BISE Rawalpindi for Students Who Missed the Practicals in the 10th Grade in 2022. In recent news, the Controller of Examinations for the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, BISE Rawalpindi, issued a press release announcing that all students who missed their 10th class practical exams in 2022 because of unavoidable circumstances can benefit from the chance to retake the practical.

Important Information from BISE Rawalpindi for 2022

Such students should submit their applications, along with the necessary documentation, to the office of the Controller Examinations BISE Rawalpindi. These applications must be personally handed to the appropriate office. The deadline for entries is August 13, 2022.

Depending on how many students failed their practical exams, the next procedure for when the tests will be held will be decided after the deadline. The matric exams have already been carried out by BISE Rawalpindi. Passing practical tests, which are essential for students to pass, is a requirement for exam passing.

Important Announcement Advertisement for BISE Rawalpindi

Important Announcement Advertisement for BISE Rawalpindi

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What is the procedure for applying.? 

Send or download an application form, biodata, or curriculum vitae. Before the deadline, interested candidates should submit their applications and all needed documentation to the address listed in the advertisement.

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