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in British English. nouns.
word forms: plural lawyers.
1 mainly America.
An attorney authorized to represent a party in court proceedings.
2. British Obsolete.

Answers from Lawyers

The prosecution has no evidence, only witnesses. Isn’t that hearsay?

There is much confusion among the general public about what “hearsay” means and how it applies to criminal cases. This is probably thanks to television legal dramas. A hearsay is an extrajudicial statement by an unsworn party. Technically, yes, the police report testimony is all hearsay. Attorney At Law, But if the witness is material, it doesn’t really matter because the witness is subpoenaed and brought into court to give non-hearsay testimony in court.

It is about what constitutes Many cases have physical and documentary evidence such as breath test results, body camera video, and physical exhibits such as firearms, but some cases have no such evidence at all. Instead, the case is based on testimony. Testimony is a type of evidence and can carry the same weight as scientific or other physical evidence. Even if the evidence is only eyewitness testimony, you can certainly be convicted. Therefore, it is important to have an attorney who knows how to interview witnesses.

Attorney At Law

Attorney At Law
Attorney At Law

Attorney at Law or Attorney-At-Law

Reference: Lawyers.

See, e.g., Supreme Court of Virginia v. Consumers Union of U.S., Inc., 446 U.S. 719 (1980).


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