Air University Fee Structure 2022- 2023

Air University Fee Structure 2022- 2023. Air University Islamabad Admissions Office is located near the foothills of Mt. The main entrance of the Air University Islamabad is located at the intersection of Agha Shahi Avenue (9th Avenue) and Khayaban-e-Iqbal (Margalla Road).

Air University Fee Structure 2022- 2023

Air University Islamabad Undergraduate Admissions 2022 BS, MS and PhD Qualifications

Air College Islamabad, PAF Complex, Sector E-9, Islamabad. Please note that the merit list below will not be published once the number of applicants reaches a certain number. All merit lists and related announcements are displayed on his website at the Aviation College. Candidates for MS Engineering and MS Mathematical Modeling & Scientific Computing do not need to take an entrance exam.

Undergraduate BS Program Eligibility

Must score 50% points in HSSC. 49.9% mark that he doesn’t think it’s important that 50 people apply
Students who expect good results can also apply. Please submit the desired certificate from the HSSC institution.

Eligibility to Apply for Masters and PhD
  • A four-year Bachelor’s degree BS must have at least a CGPA of 2.50/4.00 or equivalent.
  • GAT (General Test) must achieve 50% or more points. Make sure you pass her GAT test before applying to the MS program.
  • The final selection on the student list will be displayed after the interview.

How to Apply?

AU admissions 2017 online via the link provided by the university. Students can now apply and submit their applications. Check your eligibility for BS, MS, and PhD programs first, then apply for admission. Click here for the online application address.

Online Admissions

Air University Fee Structure
Air University Fee Structure 2022
Air University Fee Structure
Air University Fee Structure 2022

Air University Fee Structure 2022

Air University Fee Structure For Fall 2022 & Onwards

(Applicable to all Students)
SNO Program(s) Total
Credit Hours
Tuition Fee
Cr. Hr.) (Rs.)
Total Tuition Fee
of Degree
Program (Rs.)
Hours 1st
Tuition Fee
as Per Cr.
Hr. for 1st Semester(Rs.)
1 BE Electrical Engineering (Electronics) 136 5,412 736,032 18 97,416
2 BE Mechanical Engineering 130 5,412 703,560 17 92,004
3 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 133 4,992 663,936 16 79,872
4 Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security 130 5,412 703,560 16 86,592
5 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA-Honors) 135 5,546 765,403 17 94,282
6 Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management 138 5,546 765,403 17 94,282
7 MS in Management Sciences 31 7,156 221,824 12 85,867

MS Engineering Programs

8 Avionics Engineering 31 4,879 151,255 10 48,792
9 Aerospace / Electrical / Mechanical 31 4,879 151,255 9 43,913

PhD Programs

10 Electrical Engineering 18+30 4,435 212,880 9 39,917
 No. of credit, Hrs may vary as per program requirements.

Air University Fee Structure Other Charges

11 Allied Charges Amount Payable
12 Admission Application Processing Charges 2,000 Non-refundable
13 Admission Fee 20,000 At the time of Admission (Non-refundable)
14 Security Deposits 10,000 Refundable After Clearance
15 Endowment Fund 5,000 At the time of Admission (Non-refundable)
16 Convocation Charges 5,000 Applicable in last Year (Non-refundable)
17 Thesis Evaluation Fee 20,000 Applicable in last semester (Non-refundable)
17 Students’ Event 1,000 Per Semester (Non-refundable)
18 Sports Fee 1,000 Per Semester (Non-refundable)
19 Library Fee 500 Per Semester (Non-refundable)
20 Exam Fee 2,000 Per Semester (PG students who only register papers during the semester are not eligible)
21 Re-Joining Fee 3,000 After Semester leave (if availed)
22 Extension Period Fee (For PhD & MS Students) Other than applicable Allied Charges 6 x

Note: Errors & omissions are accepted.
The total number of credit hours is reflected as per the approved roadmap of the academic program.

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